LCL Consolidation

Unitrax LCL Consolidation

We wish to inform that Unitrax has regular direct LCL Export Consol from Chennai to UK, Europe and US. and Imports to Chennai from Singapore, China and Europe.

As a result of closing Direct LCL Consol containers to and from Chennai following are the advantages for both the Shippers and Consignees.

  • No Reworking takes place either at Singapore or Colombo,  thereby no pilferage or damage occurs to the cargo.
  • Once the container is sealed at Chennai CFS after stuffing LCL cargo, the same will be opened only at our CFS at Destintion.
  • Faster transit time for there is no reworking involved for direct consol containers.
  • Single Delivery Order issued to the consignees by our agent as compared to multiple Delivery orders involved when shipment is reworked.
  • Better freight rates comparatively in view of Direct Consol Service.

Besides above, regular updates on the status of the cargo from the time of booking  of shipment, regards to Stuffing / Loading of  Vessel / Transhipment is any/ ETA final destination , till delivery taken by Consignee.